How do I use sticky notes to engage students in my read aloud lesson?

Feb-13-2011 09:28pm

Ever notice when you are teaching a whole group lesson and you look out at the students and they just don't seem to be paying attention? Or you ask a question and you always have the same students answer. How do you use sticky notes in read aloud? Here is a suggestion that may help engage all the students. Let's say you are teaching a lesson on Making Predictions. First, model the lesson that you would like for them to learn (mini lesson). Next, read a page or two of the text and say "What do you think is going to happen next?" Instead of calling on one student, ask all the students to write their prediction on a pink sticky note (provided in the Reader's Toolkit). Wow!!! All students actively engaged. Then, have the students share with a shoulder partner. Post sticky notes on your anchor chart. Students are proud to see their thinking valued and shared. How do you use sticky notes in read aloud?

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